How Keeping a Spending Journal Can Improve Your Finances

Handling your finances can be a tedious task; budgeting, allocating, and tracking can frustrate even the most conscious spender. Conversely, it presents an opportunity to demonstrate healthy habits when confronting financial fears, allowing you to become a better money manager.

But how can you address your financial issues and break through detrimental spending habits? Consider keeping a spending journal! Daily journaling your expenses is a tactic many people use to work through approaches when handling money.

Consider reading below to learn more about how keeping a spending journal can improve your finances.

Helps You Identify Spending Mistakes

With journaling, you’ll learn to identify and isolate financial missteps. For instance, you spent more than you wished to at a local thrift shop.

A spending journal can help you establish a connection between thoughts, feelings, and habits. Document how you planned to handle the purchase and an honest description of what happened.

You may also identify differences between the two actions and how you plan to eliminate those differences in the future.

Journaling Can Help You Set Out Financial Goals

Everyone has different financial goals. Whether you plan to cut down on debt, build for retirement, or create savings for a vacation, a spending journal can provide the motivation you need to attain your goals.

Journaling Holds You Accountable

There are times when you may feel bewildered while looking at your bank account. You may not remember where you spent your funds; however, a spending journal presents a new way to hold yourself accountable for your spending.

By writing down your daily expenses, you’ll get an insight into your behaviors and spending habits, allowing you to work on changes proactively.

Can Help You Create a Budget

A spending journal can act as a log to document income and expenses. By breaking down your monthly allowance, you can establish a budget that works with your lifestyle. Then, you can compare the original budget to the final amount at the end of the month and track overspending or underspending.

Whether you use an old notepad lying around or create a detailed spreadsheet on your phone, there’s no wrong way to track your spending. As long as it includes your income, expenses, and purchases, keeping a spending journal can improve your finances and celebrate monetary wins.

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