Four Financial Tips To Save on Moving Expenses

Moving into a new home or preparing it for renovation is exciting but can also be costly and stressful. You’ve spent all this time planning, designing, and communicating with contractors, and now it’s time to pack your things and move into a new space.

Aside from the expenses associated with renovating, buying, or renting a home, you should also budget for moving. Hiring a moving service and gathering the supplies can range from $300 to $3,000, depending on where you’re moving and how many items you need to be transported.

To help plan your moving day, here are four financial tips to save on moving expenses.

Get a Professional Quote From Movers

To create a plan and establish a budget, you should start finding ways to optimize your moving day early. Shopping around for professional movers and getting multiple quotes from reputable companies will help you narrow your options and budget accordingly.

After finding your top three choices, remove or add services you may or may not need and try to find deals for being an early bird. Watch for negative reviews, hidden fees, or undisclosed clauses. This can impact your overall moving experience.

Declutter Your Home Before the Move

When you prepare to pack up your items, start decluttering your home of things you don’t need anymore. If you have extra items or things you don’t use, you can sell or donate them to someone who does. Hosting a yard sale is another great way to save on moving expenses. You can use the money raised from the sale for hauling costs.

Try To Save Money on Packing Supplies

You can save on packing materials by using inexpensive or free materials. Ask your family, friends, or coworkers if they have spare boxes, tape, or other packing materials. You’ll find some moving containers in good condition at office supply stores, warehouses, bookstores, and other stores that get items in bulk. If there’s a recycling center near you, ask the manager if there are any boxes you can use rather than going to a moving supply store that will upcharge you.

Be Intentional With Scheduling Your Move

Booking your move or renovation process as easily as possible is key to saving on moving expenses. You should schedule your move when you find a mover or finish your budget. However, peak moving seasons are the months between May and September. Be mindful of the influx of people moving and increasing prices due to demand.

Are you renovating your home, building a deck, or getting your dream kitchen and needing to move your items? If you need extra cash for your renovations and moving arrangements, apply for a personal loan for home improvements. This way, financially, you can knock out two birds with one stone.

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